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The Gentle heat diffuser for essential oils  is the clean, silent and effective way to aromatherapy well-being. With no candle or flame, it is ideal for daily use in your living and work spaces (house, office, hotel, clinic, beauty salon, waiting room, gym, etc.)

Made from insulated porcelain, you can place it on any surface because the heat is emitted from the top section only. With the Puressentiel® gentle heat diffuser, the essential oils are diffused effectively without losing their quality and retaining their properties. It takes a mere 10 minutes for the diffuser to reach full power and its heat regulation system (maximum temperature 45ºC) ensures a constant temperature (without overheating).

1. Connect the switch of the Gentle Heat Diffuser and press on the cable switch. The timer will start and stop automatically in complete safety at the end of 58 min of diffusion. To restart the timer, please switch on the device by pressing the switch again.

2. Pour 20 to 25 drops of essential oil or one of the Puressentiel® blends for diffusion in the central part of the diffuser and enjoy the essential oils' aromas. The diffuser must be used away from areas exposed to artificial heat (radiator, convector or other). 

Wipe with a soft damp cloth. Regularly clean after each use for improved diffusion. Do not put any part of the diffuser in the dishwasher.

Empty the contents from the central part of the diffuser and clean with a soft damp cloth before replacing the Puressentiel essential oils or one of the combinations for Puressentiel® diffusion.


Do not diffuse essential oils in the presence of a child under 7 years of age without taking the advice of healthcare professional. Wait half an hour after the end of the diffusion before allowing the child in the room. Keep out of sight and reach of children. Only use essential oils whose usage is recommended for diffusion. Do not use perfumes or synthetic oils that irreparably risk damaging the diffuser. Pay attention to the risks of burns: the central part of the diffuser becomes very hot. Please do not touch this surface when you handle the device when it is turned on.

Some essential oils are not recommended for diffusion, seeek advice from your pharmacist. Please verify the handling precautions for each one before using them in diffusion.


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