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The Puressentiel® DIFFUSE & GO ultrasonic diffuser allows essential oils to be dispensed as a fine vapour through its ultrasonic diffusion system. Thanks to its integrated battery, it is completely mobile and can be used anywhere (at home, at the office, on holiday)! The battery, which can be recharged via USB cable, lasts for up to 40h with a charge time of 3h. Very quiet, practical and easy to use, this diffuser is ideal for daily use with complete peace of mind. Diffusion can take place in one of 3 modes (Intense, Moderate, Long lasting) and can be accompanied by soft, colour changing, ambient lighting.

1) Place the diffuser on a stable surface. Do not place the appliance on or near any surfaces that are sensitive to humidity.
2) Apply downward pressure to unclip the cover.
3) Remove the cover. 
4) Unscrew the capillary and pour essential oil or Puressentiel® blend for diffusion into the essential oil reservoir using the funnel.
5) Insert the capillary into the reservoir using the protective cap and screw into place.
6) Remove the capillary cap. 
7) Lock the clip into place downwards. Place the base of the reservoir in the space provided and slide in the capillary so that it makes contact with the diffuser. 
8)  Apply upward pressure to clip the cover into place. The diffuser is now ready to use.

Please see the enclosed instructions.

To enjoy twice as much time with your diffuser, discover the refills for diffuse & go ultrasonic wireless diffuser.

Laboratoire PURESSENTIEL® Avenue Molière 144 1050 Bruxelles - Belgique

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