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Head lice

Good Bye Lice!


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Discover our natural routine tough on lice! Gentle on hair and the environment.

This kit contains: 
1 Anti Lice Treatment Lotion 100ml: The Puressentiel Anti-Lice Treatment Lotion eliminates lice, larvae and nits with total peace of mind. Free from neurotoxic insecticides, it's formula contains 6 plant oils and 4 essential oils.
1 Tri Expert Comb: The Anti-Lice Tri-Xpert® Comb works against lice, larvae and nits, a patented technological innovation! 3 rows of teeth, 3 times more effective. This comb has been designed by the mother of a large family together with engineers and pharmacists.
1 Organic Daily Shampoo:  This gentle shampoo helps to rinse Puressentiel Anti-Lice Treatment lotion out of the hair. Protects the hair and soothes the scalp.

Anti Lice Treatment Lotion 100ml:

Apply Puressentiel Anti-Lice Treatment Lotion generously to dry hair, section by section, ensuring each hair is completely covered. Leave on for 15 minutes. Wash your hair with the Puressentiel Pouxdoux® shampoo or your usual shampoo. Carefully comb hair with the lice comb to remove dead larvae, nits and lice. Re-apply after 3 days if necessary. Quantity to be applied depends on hair length: up to 1 bottle per head to be treated.

Tri Expert Comb:

Use alone or after applying Puressentiel® Anti-Lice Lotion. Also ideal for use with a conditioner, which makes it easier to pass the comb through the hair and to remove nits!

The Tri-Xpert Comb® can also be used daily to detect whether lice, larvae and nits are present in the hair, both during the infestation
period and after situations where contact is possible (school, day care centres, holiday camps, etc.). Careful combing and the easy monitoring enabled by the integrated magnifying glass allow you to spot any lice that may have contaminated the scalp and to limit the extent of infestation.

In a well lit place:
- Separate the hair into sections.
- Pass the Tri-Xpert Comb through the hair section by section from root to tip.
- After each time it is passed through the hair, shake the comb in the sink and wipe it with a brush or soft cloth to get rid of parasites.

In cases of infestation, clean the Tri-Xpert comb after each use as follows to avoid the risk of contamination:
- Clean the comb by submerging it in boiling water for one minute.
- Clean the comb in the dishwasher at 60°C.

Organic Daily Shampoo:

Apply to wet hair, lather and rinse thoroughly with water.

Anti Lice Treatment Lotion 100ml:

Read label carefully before use. Store at room temperature (>15°C). If the product becomes solid (a natural, normal phenomenon), run it under hot water. Do not use on children under 3 years old, pregnant or breastfeeding women or anyone allergic to any of the ingredients. Avoid any contact with the eyes and mucous membranes. If in eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean water or a plant oil. For external use. Do not swallow. Keep out of the reach of children. Store away from light and heat. Risk of slipping if the product is sprayed onto a smooth surface.

Made in France - Laboratoire PURESSENTIEL® IRELAND Ltd Harcourt Centre Harcourt Road Dublin 2, Ireland

Tri Expert Comb:

Keep out of the reach of children.

Organic Daily Shampoo:

Avoid contact with eyes. In case of eye contact, rinse abundantly with water. For external use only. Not recommended for children under 3 years old, pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Made in France.

Anti Lice Treatment Lotion 100ml: Tea tree, Clove, True Lavender and Rosat Geranium

Organic Daily Shampoo: Lavander, Geranium, Ylang-ylang.

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