Grapefruit essential oil


Citrus x paradisi

Grapefruit ( Citrus x paradisi ) mainly grown in America, South Africa and Israel, belongs to the Rutaceae family.

  • Bath

  • Skin application

  • Oral route

  • Respiratory route

Phototoxic, the essence must not be used before exposure to the sun.

Do not use :
in pregnant or breastfeeding women
in children under 7 years
in the person allergic to any of the components (limonene, neral, geranial, linalool)
in asthmatics without the advice of an allergist
over a long period of time in a person with functional renal failure
in the epileptic people or people having a history of convulsive disorders.

Blend 45 drops of grapefruit essence in 1 tablespoon of plant oil and 1 tablespoon of macadamia oil. Apply this blend to the affected areas by massaging in a circular and clockwise direction, and always up and down, morning and evening, during 3 weeks. Stop for a week and start again 3 weeks later

Air purification (during an epidemic, for instance)
Diffuse 10 to 20 drops of grapefruit essence 3 times a day for one hour.

Water retention
Take 2 drops of grapefruit essence on a neutral tablet, in the morning and at the end of the afternoon (around 5 pm), 5 days out of 7, for 3 weeks. Always seek advise from your pharmacist or GP.

Beautiful tree with dense foliage, grapefruit gives fruits in a cluster, hence the origin of its English name "grapefruit".

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