How to get rid of dust mites naturally?

The air we breathe is not the only factor that affects our lungs. Dust mites are making our homes their havens of choice to "pollute" our lives day and night!


Invisible to the naked eye, these tiny beasts of the spider family feed on our shedding (dead skin cells, nail or hair remnants...) and live in our mattresses (number one reservoir) as well as bed base, carpets, sofas, clothes, stuffed animals, carpets, rugs, curtains, etc.

Getting rid of them it, however, remains difficult and is a daily task. According to several studies, conventional vacuuming (for which a HEPA filter is recommended) is not enough: at most 10% is eliminated!

bed dust mites
dust mites bed clean
how To wipe out dust mites?

Bedding items should be washed at a minimum temperature of 60°C (every six months for duvets, every three months for pillows), or dry-cleaned (e.g. for feathers), and anti-mite covers should be used. Above all, make sure that the rooms and the bedding are as airy as possible. You can take the duvet and pillows them out on the window sill, beat them well, and leave them in the sun (like our grandmothers!).

Finally, we hunt for dust because 1 gram of dust can contain 10,000 dust mites! Stop the "dust nests" that accumulate, fight against them, and to perfect your hunt, use essential oils with anti-dust mites properties. For approximately 30 minutes, diffuse a blend of true lavender, niaouli, and thyme linalool essential oils, in equal portions, and a drop of compact oregano.


If carpet with low piles does not concentrate too many mites’ allergens compare to shag carpet (mites also prefer the humid atmosphere of the bed or the dark recesses of the curtains), mould, animal hair and chemical pollutants can still thrive in it.

In case of allergy, it is imperative to clean it by regularly vacuuming (at least twice a week, with a HEPA filter) to avoid accumulation. Replacing the carpet is not an obligation if it is well maintained. 

dust mites carpet clean naturally
Carpet dust mites clean

The good idea? At least twice a year, sprinkle baking soda on the carpet, leave to act for 2 hours then vacuum.

To boost the sanitizing effect, mix in a bowl 200 grams of baking soda and 100 drops (4ml) of lemon essential oil (or true lavender or eucalyptus radiata). Let the product act for 24 hours. Sprinkle on carpet or rugs. Leave to act for 15 minutes before vacuuming.

Cleaning up dirt: grandma's tricks work very well! Pour ¼ litre litter of white vinegar and 1 litre litter of sparkling water into a spray bottle. Once it’s ready, spray as much as you can, rub if necessary, and let it dry.

Extracts from 'Anti-Pollution Guide for a Healthy House' by Isabelle PACCHIONI, Leduc edition and Top Santé's Guide '48 Essential Oils which every home needs to be healthy'.

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