How to get rid of lice with essential oils?

Tough on lice! Gentle on hair and the environment.

Did you know?

1 out of 3 children between 5 and 10 years old is lice infestated*!

The back-to-school period is an ideal time for lice to spread due to close contact between children. Transmission occurs directly via head-to-head contact or indirectly using shared brushes, combs, hats, …etc. Cleanliness has nothing to do with lice which are very resistant to soap and water. Real nightmare for parents, the invasion, sometimes recurrent, must be treated effectively!

The life cycle of a louse

The life cycle of a louse lasts approximately 50 days. The lice multiply rapidly, so you must act quickly.

A nit is the egg laid by the female louse. Nits hatch after approximately 7-8 days. It produces a "cement" (glue) that allows it to attach to hair. Female lice lay 5 to 10 eggs a day.  This is the "baby" louse. The larva will reach adulthood, capable of laying nits in 2 weeks. Already at this stage, it is able to move and contaminate an individual. It goes through 4 moulting periods before reaching adulthood. It breathes through 9 pairs of respiratory openings called "micropyles". A louse that is capable of laying nits, lives on average for about 30 days in this larval stage until the end of his life. Outside of the head, it dies within 4 to 12 hours.
life cycle louse

Does my child have lice? Itchiness and scratching of the head are often the first signs of head lice. Scalp irritation caused by scratching may suggest the presence of lice.

 What should I look for? Lice and nits near the scalp, particularly behind the ears and near the nape of the neck, along the hairline.

 What does a louse look like? A head louse is a small insect, visible to the naked eye, about the size of a sesame seed (2 to 3 mm), which lives on the scalp and feeds on human blood. It has six legs armed with pincers used to cling to the hair, they move very quickly, which explains why it is so hard to catch them. How can I tell the difference between nits and dandruff? Nits are lice eggs. They are transparent white, easily spotted by the naked eye, and difficult to remove when they are alive. Unlike dandruff, nits do not come out with brushing or washing.

 Are lice a sign of poor hygiene? Do not feel that you are responsible if your child has head lice; it has nothing to do with your family’s hygiene habits. Cleanliness has nothing to do with lice, which are very resistant to water and soap. Taking time off school is not necessary.

 How did my child catch lice? The back-to-school period is an ideal time for lice to spread due to close contact between children. The transmission of the lice occurs directly through contact between two children (touching hair). Indirect transmission is possible if items such as combs and brushes are shared. Remember: Lice cannot fly, jump or survive longer than 4 to 36 hours away from the scalp.

 How to get rid of lice? There are two types of solutions against lice: treatments with the use of repellents and products which act mechanically. Just like microbes with antibiotics, for the past 10 years, lice have developed resistance to repellents. Usually, these repellents are neurotoxic, very aggressive and irritating to the scalp. The new generation of anti-lice act mechanically by asphyxiation, suffocating the lice. The lice are coated with greasy substances which obstruct their respiratory openings. Lice are unable to develop resistance to this type of product.

 How to choose the right product? The product must be effective, practical, natural, harmless and act quickly. It needs to kill lice, larvae and nits by mechanical asphyxia. Its efficacy must be proven by laboratory tests. The formula must be gentle to the hair and scalp (no neurotoxic repellents), from 100% natural origin and harmless to the environment. Ideally, it should be effective from the first application, easy to use and with a pleasant fragrance. It should act quickly to avoid a long exposure time.

For a 100% natural and effective solution
discover the Puressentiel anti-lice ritual in three steps :

1 : treat to eliminate head lice, larvea and nits

The Puressentiel Anti-lice Treatment Lotion is the effective and natural treatment against head lice. Proven efficacy in 10 minutes1 ! Its neurotoxic insecticide-free formula combines 6 plant oils (sweet almond, calophyllum, coconut, jojoba, castor and sunflower) and 4 essential oils (tea tree, clove, true lavender and rosat geranium) with soothing and repairing properties, ideal for relieving itchy scalp.

The round bottle makes it handy and easy to use. The applicator nozzle enables precise targeting, section by section. 

Exist in 100ml, 100ml + comb and also 200ml + comb

head lice lotion treatment
anti lice 2 in 1 treatment shampoo with comb

The Puressentiel Anti-Lice 2 in 1 treatment Shampoo is the natural solution to kills lice, larvae, and nits as well as wash and clean hair. Its gentle formula with coconut plant oil acts mechanically by obstructing the respiratory tracts. Active from 30 minutes - From the first use2. A fine-toothed comb is included to help remove the dead larvae, nits and lice. In vivo test: clinical study conducted in real-life conditions, on patients aged 3 to 15 with lice3.


2 : wash and protect the hair

To complement Puressentiel Anti-Lice Treatment lotion: POUXDOUX® Organic Daily Shampoo with pure and natural organic essential oils of lavender, lavandin, ylang-ylang and geranium is formulated to cleanse the scalp and help to remove dead nits and lice. This gentle shampoo helps to rinse Puressentiel Anti-Lice Treatment lotion out of the hair. Protects the hair and soothes the scalp.

The Puressentiel POUXDOUX® Protecting Conditioner with organic, pure and natural essential oils from lavender, lavandin, ylang-ylang and geranium is formulated for easier detangling and removal of dead nits and lice. Protects the hair and soothes the scalp. It leaves the hair feeling soft with a pleasant smell.

Used daily: Protects the hair. Hair is soft and shiny with a pleasant smell.

shampoo and conditionner anti lice nits essential oils natural

3 : repel head lice and prevent infestation

repellent spray head lice essential oils

In the event of an outbreak, the Puressentiel Lice Repellent Spray is ideal to keep lice away and prevent infestation of the scalp,

Based on a powerful active ingredient of vegetal origin (Citriodiol®), derived from lemon eucalyptus essential oil), with no neurotoxic insecticide, the spray offers effective protection for up to 24 hours4. Very practical and easy-to-use, it leaves the hair smelling fresh and pleasant.

And it's free from synthetic fragrances or propellant gas!


A complete range formulated with plant oils and essential oils to protect the whole family5 from lice.

had lice range tips

1Anti-Lice Treatment Lotion: Test ex vivo: Carried out on wild lice taken from infested patients, by an independent parasitology laboratory.

2Repeat: 3 days after the first application, then again 7 days after the first application if necessary. 

3Clinical efficacy and tolerance study conducted as a double-blind study under dermatological supervision on 11 infested patients with a 30-minute application.

424H efficiency tested in laboratory.

5Can be used from the age of 3 years and prohibited for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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