How to get radiant and healthy skin with essential oils?

Discover your beauty tips for a radiant, healthy and youthful skin using essential oils. 

Yes, essential oils have a place in the bathroom, for hygiene and personal care routines. These guaranteed natural products will give you equally natural beauty!

Balance healthy skin with essential oils
How to balance oily skin (excess sebum)?

This skin condition is due to an excess of sebum. The skin of the face and chest has a natural tendency to be more oily.

Add 2 drops of geranium essential oil + 2 drops of true lavender essential oil + 1 drop of green mandarin essential oil to 1 teaspoon of jojoba plant oil and apply in the evenings before bed. Avoid sun exposure for 12 hours following application.

How to nourish dry, dehydrated skin

Thanks to the water contained in the cells of the dermis, the skin is taut and smooth. If it feels tight, it simply lacks water. This dryness does not cause wrinkles but makes them more visible. Thirsty skin should be irrigated with essential oil.

Every day, until the condition improves, apply 10 drops of incense essential oil + 15 ml of argan plant oil.

Dry & deshydrated skin essential oils
Wrinkles essential oils
How to slow down signs of ageing and the onset of wrinkles?

A few perfectly avoidable factors, including very often the abuse of sunbathing, are added to the effect of the years to cause the appearance of wrinkles. Lifting, surgery, laser? Why not go for a natural solution?

Blend 5 drops of cistus ladanifer or helichrysum essential oil into 30 ml of rosehip plant oil and apply until the condition improves.

Prevent skin ageing: Blend 1 drop of cistus ladanifer or helichrysum essential oil with your daily dose of day cream and/or at night and apply as usual.

How to relieve irritated skin?

This inflammatory condition of the skin can be due to cold, dry air, friction, chemicals, excessive hygiene or razor burn. Whatever the aggression, we have powerful allies.

Blend 4 drops of true lavender or Roman chamomile essential oil with 1 teaspoon of sweet almond plant oil.

Relieve irritated skin with essential oils
redness sensitive skin with essential oils
How to calm sensitive, redness - prone skin?

Sensitive skin reacts to various factors such as wind, heat, cold, alcohol, spicy food, but also the stress or emotion, which leads to redness and tightness.

Apply a blend of 3 drops of Roman chamomile essential oil + 3 drops of helichrysum essential oil + 1 tablespoon of sweet almond and jojoba plant oils (in equal portions) to the affected areas.

Calming oil: Apply locally 3 drops of essential oil of noble laurel diluted in 12 drops of arnica vegetable oil.

Extract from 48 essential oils which every home needs to be healthy, practical guide by Top Santé and from 'Aromatherapia' by Isabelle PACCHIONI, Aroma Thera edition.

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