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The Puressentiel® mist humidifier-diffuser for essential oils features an ultrasonic diffusion system to deliver a light, aqueous mist. This system pleasantly humidifies the ambient air, and improves respiratory tract comfort. With a few drops of essential oils, the water becomes charged with aromatic molecules that are dispersed in fine droplets (microparticles). Very silent, the cold ionisation system perfectly preserves all of the properties of the essential oils.

A compact format for a maximum period of diffusion: when the water reservoir is filled to its maximum level (60 ml), diffusion can last for up to 5 hours. The diffusion of essential oils provides you with a moment of real relaxation and well-being, either with a soft mood lighting with changing colours, or no mood lighting, depending on your preference. This diffuser is ideal for daily use, especially in a dry atmosphere: heat wave, dry air, over-heated room (electric heating or fireplace), etc. It can also be used without essential oils in the presence of babies and young children.

Refer to the leaflet inside.
We advise you to only use Puressentiel® ready-to-use diffusion blends, or the 100 %
pure and natural EOBBD (Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined)
from the Puressentiel® range.

Laboratoire PURESSENTIEL® - Avenue Louise 149/24 - 1050 Bruxelles - Belgique

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