My Little Essential Health Kits

Make sure these “must-haves” are always on hand!

Sport kit essential oil puressentiel

To relieve muscle pain (aches, cramps, muscle sprains, stiff neck, etc.) and joints (osteoarthritis, arthritis), and to aid muscle preparation and recovery, choose: wintergreen, lemon eucalyptus and rosemary camphor essential oils. They calm tendon and ligament shocks and inflammation (tendinitis, sprains).

To alleviate pain from bruising and bumps in young (and old), daredevils go for Italian helichrysum.

To soothe and treat blisters: choose cistus ladanifer essential oil.

Spring / Summer

To relieve hay fever, irritable cough and sneezing: opt for two essential oils: tarragon and marjoram.

To keep insects away and relieve pain from bites and stings, opt for lemongrass, lemon eucalyptus, Java citronella and geranium essential oils.

If you suffer from heavy or swollen legs: turn to cypress, Atlas cedar, mastic tree, and (for a shot of added freshness) peppermint essential oils.

To soothe sunburn and minor burns (including from barbecues): spike lavender, super lavandin or true lavender essential oils.

Another essential oil – niaouli – will calm itching due to bites and stings, and soothe sunburn.

summer sunflower puressentiel

Use plants and Essential Oils with care. Before any use, read the information and precautions for use carefully.

Extract from 48 essential oils which every home needs to be healthy, practical guide by Top Santé.

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