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Essential bases

Neutral Base Bath & Shower

100 ml

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It ensures perfect dispersion of the essential oils in the bath or shower to ensure that you benefit fully from their virtues. Essential oils are not soluble in water. It is therefore important to mix them with a suitable base before pouring them into your bath.

IN THE BATH: Mix 5 to 10 drops of essential oils (depending on the size of your bath) with 2 capfuls of neutral base. FOR A FOOT OR HAND BATH: Mix 4 drops of essential oils with 1 capful of neutral base. IN THE SHOWER: Mix 3 drops of essential oils with 2 capfuls of neutral base to produce an aromatic shower gel.

Do not use essential oils which irritate the skin. For children aged under 7, pregnant or breastfeeding women, seek the advice of a healthcare specialist. Do not swallow. Keep out of sight and reach of children, and away from light and heat. External use only. Made in France Laboratoire PURESSENTIEL® Avenue Louise 149/24 1050 Bruxelles - Belgique

Aqua - Sulfated castor oil.

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