4 SIMPLE Self-Massaging techniques

Body massages are beneficial, but when combined with the properties of essential oils, their effects can be truly multiplied and pleasure can be combined with well-being, relaxation and health. Here are some ideas for everyday use.

Release fatigue from your feet

with myrtle essential oil + and macadamia plant oil.

Massage with the thumb relatively firmly, not only on the top of the foot, but also and most importantly, over the entire plantar arch, spending time on the fleshy part of each toe and the internal edge of the foot.

Release fatigue from your feet self massaging technique
Relieve headache self massaging technique
To relieve headaches

peppermint essential oil + apricot kernel plant oil.

Gently massage the temples, making small circular movements with the fingertips. Using the thumbs, press the internal edge of the eyebrows, then smooth outwards.

To relax shoulders

wintergreen (or super lavandin) essential oil + calophyllum plant oil.

Place your fingers at the base of the skull and make very small circular movements, from the neck down to the shoulders, then tap lightly with the fingers.

Shoulders self massaging technique
Calm stomach self massaging technique
To relax and calm the stomach

basil (or tarragon) essential oil + sweet almond plant oil

While lying down, massage the abdomen firmly with both hands flat, one on top of the other, making circles around the bellybutton, in a clockwise direction (to aid digestion).

Extract from 48 essential oils which every home needs to be healthy, practical guide by Top Santé. 

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