A range of 10 essential oils 100% pure, natural, organic and certified EOBBD (Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined) for the everyday well-being.

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Essential oils have more than 10,000 known aromatic components, which explains why their therapeutic arsenal is so extremely varied and extensively developed. It is also why essential oils can soothe anything from a sore throat to a stomach ache, skin or urinary tract infection, sleep disorder or digestive problems... and much more! Furthermore, while each essential oil has a main component with a “key” quality, it also offers many more. These are due to the major or minor molecules found in each one (lavender, for instance, contains over a thousand!). For instance, some essential oils can kill bacteria, viruses, dust mites, fungi, insects, etc., all at the same time. By contrast, standard medication contains no more than one or two active molecules, and is therefore aimed at a specific pathology or symptom.

Essential oils Puressentiel
Aromatherapy Essential oils Puressentiel

Some aromatherapy essential oils are coloured, which is normal. For instance, thyme thymol can be blood-red, bergamot essential oil can be green and lavender essential oil can be light yellow. An essential oil’s colour may depend on the nature of the original plant, but also on the material from which the alambic is made: a copper alambic will yield a pink wintergreen essential oil, while an aluminium alambic will result in a pale yellow oil.


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