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  • Free Delivery from France on orders over £45 | Sign up for 15% OFF your 1st order
  • Free Delivery from France on orders over £45 | Sign up for 15% OFF your 1st order
  • Free Delivery from France on orders over £45 | Sign up for 15% OFF your 1st order
  • Free Delivery from France on orders over £45 | Sign up for 15% OFF your 1st order

Purifying Sprays

Discover the benefits of our world leading air sprays

Why sanitise and purify indoor air?

The air we breathe is not the only air that has an impact on our lungs. Dust mites, moulds, microbes, all these little people that live in our home also join forces to "pollute" our lives, day and night! Cleaning the air is therefore a priority, during the day of course, when you're wide awake and aware of the inconveniences caused by polluted air... But also at night, in the privacy of your room (where, let's remember, you spend a third of your life), where you can sleep soundly, like a baby. By purifying your indoor air with well-chosen essential oils, you will destroy unwanted guests.

Purifying Air Spray

99.9% effective on bacteria, fungal spores, viruses and mould.

The Puressentiel Purifying Air Spray creates a clean, uplifting, aromatic atmosphere for any space.

The Puressentiel Purifying Air Spray works by purifying indoor air (working as a natural air purifier), reducing levels of toxins and irritants. It is successful at eliminating strong odours such as pet and dog odours.

It works brilliantly as an air freshener too. Unlike some air fresheners, due to a patented natural blend of 41 essential oils – including tea tree, lemon, peppermint, thyme thujanol and scots pine – it is safe for families with children and pets along with those who suffer from COPD and asthma.

AIR PURIFIER: This natural air purifier is proven to purify indoor air. 99.9%
AIR FRESHENER: freshens your living areas, fabrics, carpets, bedding and wardrobes. It also removes pet and other unwanted odours,
SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS: Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal. Suitable for asthma sufferers - European norms: AFNOR EN 14476; AFNOR EN 13727
LONG-LASTING SIGNATURE FRAGRANCE: a unique blend of 41 purifying essential oils, 100% pure and natural
100% NATURAL ORIGIN & PATENTED FORMULA: contains 41 pure and natural essential oils. 0% propellant gas and synthetic fragrance
MULTI-USE: to be sprayed into the air or onto other surfaces such as fabrics, carpets, bedding
AWARDS: Best new product launch of The Healthy Awards 2020.

From £12.90

How to deal with dust mites

Dust mites, bed bugs, fleas and moths are all common in UK homes and can be the cause of infuriating and often painful symptoms. These often irritate the skin causing rashes, bumps, itching and even swelling and blisters. Those who are allergic to the pests may also suffer from coughs, runny noses, and sneezing. In fact, for many, these symptoms can wreak havoc on their day-to-day lives.

Anti-Pest Fabric Spray

eliminate dust mites and household pests (clothes moths, fleas and bed bugs) in no time

ELIMINATES & PREVENTS REINFESTATION WITH DUST MITES: including dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, the main dust mite responsible for allergies, and itch mites. Effective on house pests like clothes moths, fleas and bed bugs.
TYPE OF USE: Can be used on all textiles (clothing, bedding, cuddly toys) that are machine-washable at temperatures over 60°C, as well as non-washable textiles (furniture, curtains, car seats) at risk of infestation.
100% PLANT ORIGIN geraniol from Palmarosa essential oil
0% PROPELLANT GAS. Does not stain textiles or indoor furnitures. Leaves a fresh, pleasant fragrance for a healthy, protected home.


A spray for every need

Rest & Relax Air Spray

the 100% natural solution before sleep for peaceful, serene and restful nights

NATURALLY PROMOTES SLEEP: helps to have calm, serene and restful nights.
SOOTHES EVERYDAY STRESS, provides relaxation and rest
100% NATURAL ORIGIN FORMULA: 12 essential oils with soothing, relaxing and calming properties naturally promoting rest, relaxation and sleep. Dye-free, preservative-free, synthetic fragrance-free

From £16.90

Resp Ok® Air Spray

Use at the first sign of winter discomfort and seasonal sensitivities to help purify the air & facilitate respiratory well-being.

WINTER AILMENTS & SEASONAL SENSITIVITIES: Blocked nose, runny nose, sneezing, use from the first sign of winter discomfort and seasonal sensitivities
PREVENTION & TREATMENT: It can be used either as a preventive action at the first signs of discomforts or as a treatment against winter ailments and seasonal sensitivities
100% NATURAL ORIGIN: 19 essential oils 100% Pure & Natural

From £10

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