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Puressentiel Foundation: Call for projects

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The Puressentiel Foundation will encourage and support any initiative with the main criterion being that such initiatives are carried out in accordance with an eco-friendly, socially responsible and sustainable approach.

Project selection | Learn more

In 2021, the Puressentiel Foundation is offering its support through Call for projects dedicated to the protection of nature, children and health, which will be implemented between 31 January 2022 and 31 December 2022.


- the protection of biodiversity;

- support and promotion of eco-responsibility;

- the promotion of actions with an environmental, responsible and sustainable purpose.


- childhood's protection in all areas;

- support, promotion and commitment to access to schooling, education and well-being for children in fragility situations.


- access to health care, particularly in disadvantaged areas;

- support, promotion and engagement of actions to support research in the health sector.

Each project is validated by the Puressentiel Foundation on the basis of a concrete mission.

The Puressentiel Foundation supports projects that clearly and concretely present a precise and defined mission. They will be chosen for the quality and rigour of their actions.


1 | Call for projects, How to respond?

The application form is available here. The file must be sent by e-mail to the following address:  fondation@puressentiel.com

2 | Presentation of the file:

2021 Call for projects> The deadline for application submission in 2021 is 15 October 2021. No derogation is possible on this date.

3 | Selection :

At the end of the submission session on 15 October 2021, a pre-selection will determine the projects submitted to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will select the 2022 projects in December 2021. Each selected project will have a maximum allocation of €10,000.

4 | Decision :

The allocation of funding will take place within a maximum period of 1 month after the date of the final selection session of the Executive Committee. The decision will be concluded by the signature of a sponsorship agreement.

5 | Evaluation :

Establishment of a regular monitoring schedule for the mission and final evaluation report.

Call for projects Rules

Find the full regulation here.

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