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More and more people are questioning what goes into the products they use daily.

We guarantee that our formulations are: free of any preservatives (1), parabens, phenoxyethanol, P.E.G., dyes, GMOs, animal raw materials², or petrochemical products, synthetic fragrances, environmentally harmful propellants, plastic microbeads, dimethicone, silicone, phthalates, irradiation, and always have been!

¹Only those listed in Ecocert-verified benchmarks​.
²Does not include beekeeping products, lanolin, and ORGANIC fish gelatin.


Our daily challenge is to propose formulations that are the purest, the most naturaleffective, and  respectful of humankind and the environment. Eco-design is at the heart of how each of our products is created.

Our commitment is reflected in our systematic integration of highly rigorous selection criteria in choosing the raw materials that make up our products, be they essential oils, vegetable oils, plant extracts, etc.

To preserve their active ingredients, our finished products and raw materials are neither sterilised via irradiation, nor irradiated.

We rely on technical and scientific processes that have a controlled, environmentally friendly  carbon footprint.

At each eco-design stage of our products, from choosing our suppliers and active ingredients, to their formulation and selection of packaging materials, we are endeavouring to minimise our impact on the environment. Everything we do stems from a constant quality optimising approach, so we can always provide you with formulations that are accessible to all, safe, and easy to use, for natural, effective care of everyday complaints.



The PURE ORIGIN® guarantee

While there are many aromatherapy brands on the market, not all offer our level of transparency or standards. Our essential and vegetable oils meet the highest quality criteria.


100% pure: This means they are not reconstituted, not blended with similar or low-quality oils, or other substances (alcohol, vegetable oils, etc.).

100% natural: This means they are not reconstituted, not blended with similar or low-quality oils, or other substances (alcohol, vegetable oils, etc.).

100% whole: This means they contain complete active ingredients and aromatics.

100% complete: Unbleached, unrectified*, free from peroxides, undeterpenated, non-reconstituted.

EOBBD: (Essential Oil Botanically and Biochemically Defined) This quality criterion guarantees the botanical and biochemical identification of each essential oil**.

*Aside, for example, for ORGANIC essential oil of Bergamot (which has been rectified to eliminate phototoxic furocoumarins). **Because the main composition of two essential oils from a same plant and belonging to the same species can differ depending on the region where they are produced, they can also present different properties.

Throughout the sourcing and manufacturing cycle, each essential oil batch selected by Puressentiel undergoes organoleptic and physicochemical analyses, as well as gas chromatography analyses in order to precisely identify its biochemical composition and validate its compliance based on the biochemical particularities laid out in our specifications.

From the farmer’s field to the finished product, Puressentiel essential oils have undergone at least four quality controls, both internally and by independent certified laboratories.


Unbleached: Our essential oils are not bleached with solvents and retinted.

Free from peroxides: This means they have not been intentionally oxidised. Oxidation can occur when an oil is exposed to light or open air. Our essential oils (and vegetable oils) are appropriately controlled and stocked to limit oxidation, using amber glass, well-sealed bottles, and away from light.

Unrectified*: A rectified essential oil is an essential oil that has undergone fractional distillation in order to eliminate certain constituents or to modify their concentration.

Undeterpenated: An undeterpenated essential oil is an essential oil that has been partially or entirely stripped of monoterpene hydrocarbons.

Non-reconstitued: A reconstituted essential oil is one that has been mixed with one or several low-quality essential oils.


100% pure : This means they are not reconstituted, not blended with similar or low-quality oils, or other substances

100% naturelles : This means they are undenatured, and produced without any solvent (through simple steam distillation or mechanical extraction).

100% whole : This means they contain complete active ingredients and aromatics.

Unbleached: Our vegetable oils are not bleached with solvents and retinted.

Have controlled traceability, from the field to your home

At each manufacturing stage, controls implemented by Puressentiel and its partners, from the field to finished products, ensure complete traceability. Our complete control process includes raw materials, packaging, fresh products, and transportation to our logistics platform. Aspect, colour, fragrance, and density, compliance with predefined biochemical specifications, as well as volume, labelling, and airtightness are just some of the parameters that are controlled to guarantee complete traceability, from the field to your home.

“PURE QUALITY” Charter: the assurance of pure, safe, effective products

Puressentiel has established its own quality charter. Respecting our “Pure Quality” Charter, from harvesting raw plant material to delivering finished products around the world ensures quality and compliance for our users, guaranteeing effective, safe, easy-to-use products, to care naturally and effectively for their family’s everyday complaints. Naturally, our internal Charter integrates official standards of quality for each type of product, often completing them with even more rigorous criteria.

Puressentiel France is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified

Puressentiel France is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified for design, manufacturing, distribution, and sales activities of natural healthcare, beauty, and wellbeing products.

Quality has been at the heart of PURESSENTIEL’s values since its inception, and is certified by two internationally recognised AFNOR standards!

Made in France

Puressentiel products are for the most part manufactured in France, in the heart of the Drôme Provençale region, the No. 1 organic department in France!

We have chosen packaging materials from France and neighbouring European countries that meet our criteria in terms of quality and eco-responsibility. Our raw plant material is endemic and originates from 39 countries across five continents.

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